Advices from us

Be Yourself, Be Sincere, and Give Freedom to Each Other


Before things start rolling and rocking, you should ask these questions to help you understand yourself better.  Sure enough, you can use them on the date – at the beginning or to make the conversation go lightly or just to remember what you wanted to learn about your lady. But we’re advising to listen to your heart and be attentive at what your lady tells you! And of course, try to hear her well and you’ve got the key to her heart!
  1. What would I wear on our next date? 
  2. Tell about the five little things that can make you happy.
  3. Describe the things which make a good life.
  4. What do you like to do for fun?
  5. What do you spend the most thinking about?
  6. What new activities are you willing to do or try? 
  7. What makes you angry?
  8. What is something you feel most self-conscious about?
  9. Tell about the events in your life that made you who you are?
  10. What do you like about your job?
  11. What are dislikes about your job?
  12. What gets you fired up?
  13. Who matters most to you?
  14. If you could make the rule for everyone – what rule would you create?
  15. If you could have three wishes come true – what will they be?
  16. Did you have any nicknames while growing up?
  17. What will you never forgive?
  18. Tell about your favorite book. Movie. Music band. 
  19. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  20. What is anything you will never do again?
  21. What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  22. Have you ever had the proudest moment? What was it?
  23. What food you could not live without?
  24. What is your biggest success?
  25. What job you think you will be good at?
  26. Name three happiest moments in your life.
  27. What is your favorite family tradition?
  28. What tradition you would like to have in a family but you never did?
  29. How will you spend the money if you won the lottery?
  30. What you have something that you were eager to do as a child but never to do?
  31. Describe the worst haircut you ever had.
  32. Tell about the one thing you want to be remembered for.
  33. Name five things on your bucket list.
  34. What actress or actor will play you in a movie about your life?
  35. Who would play your love?
  36. What or who inspired/inspires you to be better?
  37. Tell about the place you would like to go back to.
  38. If you could move to any place in the world - what place you choose and whom will you take with yourself?
  39. The vacation of your dream is …
  40. What was your best vacation?
  41. If money no concern - what is the most romantic place for you to be taken by your spouse?
  42. Describe your ideal day.
  43. What are you likely to become famous for?
  44. How does the most romantic date look like for you?
  45. What in your life do you feel most grateful for?
  46. What is one thing you want you want to do different from your parents?
  47. What book or movie (anything you watched or read) changed your life?
  48. If you could have any superpower – what it would be?
  49. What are two or three things you did this week you have really enjoyed it?
  50. Where do you feel comfortable? Or what gives you the feeling of comfort?
  51. Tell about the thing that can refresh you, inspire and remind you of what is most important.
  52. What five things can encourage and support you mostly?
  53. Think of couple you are greatly respect. What three things you admire about their relationships?
  54. What do you wish you knew more about?
  55. What was the moment you laughed harder than you have ever laughed?
  56. Do you have anything you achieved and you are proud of it?
  57. How do you feel about pets and animals?
  58. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
  59. How different was your life one year ago?
  60. What’s the most interesting piece of art you’ve seen?
  61. What do you hope never changes?
  62. What question would you most like to know the answer to?
  63. As you get older, what are you becoming more and more afraid of?


There are some advices from phycologists and scientists to make the relationship better and more harmonious.

First, be yourself and be sincere

 Sometimes we trying to be better than we are, especially when getting to acquaint with opposite sex… of course we try to hide our mistakes, some unpleasant moments, our true nature in some cases or situations. You shouldn’t be an ideal. Trying to be an ideal you can lose your personality, individuality and your soul. It’s so necessary to take yourself as you are with all mistakes, failings and weaknesses. When people live in masks they’ve got exhausting life and deprive their selves of simple and honest relationships. The reason is fear to show oneself natural. It’s very important to be sincere and faithful. Don’t be afraid to open yourself, your feelings and emotions to the partner, because it’s your closest person. If you are missing or concerned of something you should tell. Who knows may be the decision you both will find out about it will bring some new to your life. Besides, the second key to harmonious relationships is communication. This key open to you healthy and strong relationships. Don’t expect your partner will read your mind.   No one can read your thoughts and of course is not obliged to do it. The first step to decide a problem – to speak about it. This concerns not only problems but your emotions, your hopes, dreams, things you expect. You can’t read the mind of your partner, so do your partner. You both get to know when you are told. We all use to change all the time, to change our mind, opinion, etc. That’s why needed to tell about. So activate all your language skills and feel free and bold to make everything clear.

Take your partner as she is, don’t try to change her

You are falling in love with you Cherish Lady … you are admiring in her everything – her smile, her eyes, lips - all her: her habits and specialties – everything that made her unique for you. Everybody has pluses and minuses, that’s why – you need to learn attentively your Ladies’ both good and bad sides from the first dates and if you are ready to take her minuses – go on! Forgive each other’s’ flaws and never reproach the partner. The best way to develop positive features is to pay most attention on them and remark it with compliments. The other thing is if she has some harmful habit. In this case you can always discuss what you don’t like and correct the behavior. The worst way is to judge in any case…no one can be in the others’ body, feel, think, live the life and have all experience and life struggles like the other person have. So being ourselves we can judge ourselves only. You know a great mirror principle, which tells us to look at ourselves first before judging... So, if you fall in love – take the Woman of your heart as she is and never take an offence of her specialties.

Respecting each other gives you close and deeper connection

Remember about respect even when arguing. While fighting you both have got mutual reproaches. Be attentive with words! People say that the word – is the most dangerous weapon on Earth! You know how painful could be words from the mouth of your beloved. You’ll cool down but your beloved already has got the wound. No matter how you will excuse the words will deeply injure the heart and leave a scar.

Develop trust and confidence for closer relationships

As the matter of fact - jealousy use to ruin relationships. While having this destructive feeling in your relationships - you use to avow in your fears to be abandoned, self-doubt and some complexes. First of all, you shouldn’t offend your half with mistrust. This is the way to let her to do the things, which you are so afraid off and jealous, while she can’t even think about. So, let your fears go and give your half the freedom. Obviously, you can take a decision when jealousy is confirmed.
What to do if your half is jealous about you? Try to reassure and to calm down her. In this case your tender words about your love will help, of course some kind joke will easily reassure her and change the mood.
Very important not to give rise to jealousy from both sides. Be attentive at the jokes on these theme – at the beginning they can be funny but at the next level of relationships, especially if you still have a distance – will play a bad trick with you. Flirting with the other also put minuses into your basket. And if you still are not sure with your choice – don’t play games with one’s women feelings.

She’s a Special One!

Express your affection and take care giving warmth and attention. Don’t be shy to do this because it’s so necessary for creating strong and deep connection with each other. Give her understanding and feeling that she is a special one for you. Admire your partner, her wonderful appearance, features of character and of the things she gives to you. Take and appreciate each little thing or actions.

Give freedom to each other

The people can’t be together all twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week together and they must not. Both of you have your own interests and hobbies. Give the time for her interests and of course don’t refuse from yours! You shouldn’t sacrifice your hobbies or habits in honor of relationship. No one will appreciate. Doubtfully your half wishes to be an object of your sacrifices. And moreover, to hear reproaches about it. Just be happy right behind each other. Your relationships should open a new horizon for you.

Fulfill your life with the Romance and bright colors

…and you’ll bring some fairy tale into your life. Make nice surprises, love and sexy notes, pleasant signs of attention, little parties without any reason – make your beloved happier and pleased putting the romantic tale into routine and every day’s reality. There is nothing making you closer to each other than joint experiences and memories. Travelling, dance classes, participating in competitions – do everything you supposed to be adorable and joyful altogether.
Fulfill your life with bright colors giving some little pleasant surprises and just relishing each other’s company. It’s easy to write some pleasant text message in a break, doesn’t it? So, treat each other with all your love, tenderness and care and have a happy harmony relationships!


  1. She would blossom like a rare flower from your compliments and of course will try to get more from you.
  2. She would be glad to receive messages from you daily, in the morning and in the evening.
  3. Sometimes an unexpected kiss from you can open new horizon.  
  4. Say something nice about her in front of the others, you’ll see how you are becoming the only person she is talking about in front of others.
  5. Call her just to say hi and to hear her voice. Believe us, she will be happy just to hear your voice and to have a talk of all and nothing.
  6. Send flowers just because.
  7. Recreate your first date in photos, talks or visiting the first date place. This will make her feelings arise again and again.
  8. Put love notes on her lunch plate, hide in clothes, on the mirror.
  9. Take funny selfies together.
  10. Give her a hug every time she wants to and especially when she never expects it.


Here you have a little guide to what kind of dates you  can have in Nikolaev, Ukraine. Use them if needed and remember to approve the kind of date with your Lady. Do only those things you both want! And don’t forget about your own fantasy – create the date of your dream by your own!
Romantic dinner at a cozy restaurant Bike ride around the city
Sweet tooth time with coffee, chocolate, and cakes Dance class
Horse back riding among the city Racetrack
Pottery class Playing tennis
Shopping together Going roller-skate
Seeing a sunrise together while having a breakfast Swimming together
Champagne and sunset by the yacht Rafting (Ujnoukrainsk)
City cruise by the car Racetrack
Going to the zoo Having fun in the dance-bar
River cruise by the yacht Swimming with the dolphins (Odessa)
Picnic Visiting the Sophia’s park (Uman, Kiev)
Day at the spa together Visit the farmers' market (near the city)
Stargazing Fishing (Herson)
The Dolphins Show (Odessa) Hiking
Theater or movie cinema Ice skating (Herson)
Fondue evening Bowling
Karaoke Quest room
Sushi party Laser-shoot club
Pizza time Rock-n-roller evening
Billiard Go-carting (Herson)
Photo session Road trip
Beer tasting Cooking class together
Chocolate tasting Water gun fight
Bathhouse or sauna Opera and ballet (Odessa)