About us

There are so many websites and agencies all offering romance tours as they are called, providing men with an opportunity to meet available women.

Who we are

Why CupidHideaway and the idea behind it: there are so many websites and agencies all offering romance tours as they are called, providing men with an opportunity to meet available women. They all like to say how they are honest and the best at what they do and will give you the best result you ever needed or wanted. And perhaps they are all right, however they all make the same mistake: QUANTITY OVER QUALITY. ‎Our core belief and mission is to provide the Highest Quality experience, not the Largest Quantity, for all our clients and we excel at this.

What we do

All other companies begin with a premise that a man wants to meet tens or even hundreds of women, so they will be able to choose the ONE. ‎It may seem like an attractive proposition: place a guy into a room full of gorgeous women and let him decide. In theory this may be a great idea and experience, but probably like most people out there, you are not at your best when faced with large groups, especially of the opposite sex. It's like public speaking while being naked, not your best performance or your comfort zone, which tends to make you NOT be yourself. We compare these experiences to going to eat at a diner, which we have all done in our life at least once. You sit down and open a 20 page menu full of all kinds of dishes, the waitress comes ‎over to ask what do you want, how do you chose one dish out of a hundred in five minutes? You can't! So you settle for either something you noticed, or decide on a whim, just so you can eat. The meal may not be what you wanted, or far from the best dish in this diner, but faced with short time and too many choices we all panic and choose just to choose.

At CupidHideaway we believe that we are like a 5 star restaurant of the ‎dating companies. We will not offer you hundreds of dishes, we are like the chef that will be ready to offer his top ten dishes, the ones perfected over the years and they will be your culinary delight. If you are looking to meet dozens or hundreds of women, we are not the place for you. But if you want to meet the top ten women chosen specifically for you and we will help you narrow down from ten to that special ONE. We believe that this is the secret of our success and this is our motto: Quality over Quantity. And we follow our motto in every experience you will get from us: starting from a top notch suite you will stay in‎ for the duration of your experience with us, to your personal assistant, your Cupid, whose sole purpose is to be your ally and your guide, to a your personal chauffeur, who will be there with you for all your dates and excursions. When we say Quality we mean Quality, a true 5 star experience.

Welcome to Cupid Hideaway!

Our process and our method: the first thing we do is interview you, the client, it will be a multi stage process during which we will learn more about what you looking for, your past experiences, your hopes and dreams, your disappointments. So be ready and be honest, you cannot find your second half, another person who will complete you, until you can be honest with yourself. Then the next step will be to narrow down your top ten women, yes we may have over a hundred women in our program but only ten will make the cut. After that we will narrow down the dates of your trip, as a 5 star establishment, we do everything by reservations, so you will choose when, how long and how. It could be it a five day experience or a two week romance vacation, it will be your choice. We will then assign your Cupid assistant and your driver for the duration of your visit as well as give you a choice of suites you would prefer to stay in. Based on your personal likes and hobbies a list of excursions and dates will be chosen, some will be what you like, to show the dates your side, and some will be what the lady likes, to show you her preferences. ‎This will be an experience like no other, a true romantic delight.